-29 Oct 2021-
Goat Torment's third album FORKED TONGUES is out TODAY!
Available in CD (Digipack) and LP format!

Both formats available on our webshop + 1 new shirt design "Intrusive Rats".

+ Third track premiere! +

-07 Oct 2021-
The third and last promo track that we’re presenting.
Dominant bomb blasts are crushing the weak while the slow mesmerizing resonance drags them deeper into the oblivion.
We’ve made them sick, we’ve made them fade, we’ve left them a thousand wars… CURSED!

+ Second track premiere! +

-16 Sept 2021-
This is our second promo track from the new album.
DISORDER AND DISRUPTION is the annihilation of everything while all worlds shake into one.
The speaking tongues resonate through the bowels of the earth and through the dwelling eternal fires. The kingdom's key has made its' turn and barriers are torn apart!

+ First track premiere! +

-25 Aug 2021-
Here is our first single and also the title track from our 3rd upcoming album FORKED TONGUES.
This song is an example of what the album is about and what we are representing.
Crushing, straightforward and no nonsense. New portals were opened in every aspect to shape the evolution of the band and together with our sound engineer, Jérémie Bézier, we got what we were aiming for!

+ New Label Signing +

-09 aug 2021-
Goat Torment signs with SEASON OF MIST.
The label will be releasing the new album in the fall of 2021

"6 years after the release of 'Sermons To Death' Goat Torment is back with a third studio album. We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Season of Mist to unleash this beast! With fierce we extend the path of Death and Darkness"